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The Machine Tool Industry Will Usher In New Opportunities And Challenges In 2020

     For the friends in the machine tool industry, what is most important now is the development of the machine tool industry in 2020. Industry experts estimate that in 2020, the development trend of the machine tool industry is expected to be low before high and gradually rise; the structural contradictions of the machine tool industry have not been significantly alleviated, the situation of declining efficiency and low investment has not been reversed, and the development constraints of the manufacturing industry remain. So will the machine tool industry be cool in 2020? Of course not. Zhehong believes that in some sub-sectors, 2020 is still worth looking forward to.

1. Multifunctional small and medium-sized machine tools suitable for small batch production
    When God closes a door, he always opens a window for you. Multifunctional small and medium-sized machine tools suitable for small batch production are the "windows" of the machine tool industry this year, such as mask machines and ultrasonic welding machines (used for mask welding parts) in the epidemic.
     At present, experts predict that the epidemic will usher in an outbreak of consumption in the past. Among the many consumer products, the consumer goods market must be the first to recover, which is bound to drive the sales of small and medium-sized processing equipment.
2. Second-hand machine tools
    In 2020, used machine tools will also be a flashpoint. The reasons are as follows: First, the epidemic eliminated a group of enterprises that urgently needed to deal with processing equipment. They will inject new supplies into the used machine tool trading market, and the second-hand market is bound to be activated. Second, the purchase cost of used machine tools is low. For conservative, for many small and medium-sized enterprises, second-hand equipment is more cost-effective. And in the industry, many people think that the stability of second-hand old equipment is better; third, the supply of second-hand machine tools is more stable. Affected by the epidemic this year, machine tool companies have postponed resumption of work, and the problem of difficult recruitment has become more prominent, which has also affected normal production and operation. Second-hand machine tools do not have this concern. For processing enterprises eager to purchase equipment and resume production, second-hand machine tools are undoubtedly a good choice.
    Therefore, the companies and platforms engaged in the transformation and agency of second-hand machine tools this year may usher in spring. For manufacturers with inadequate budgets and equipment replacement needs, it may also be a good opportunity to scoop up gold in second-hand equipment.
3. Machine tools with high degree of automation / intelligence
    Machine tools with high degree of automation / intelligence will be more favored by enterprises in 2020.
    Affected by the epidemic, our business operation was basically paralyzed in February. Although work was resumed one after another in March, the normal production operation was still affected by the epidemic. Especially in some production enterprises, it is extremely difficult to resume production because workers cannot get to their posts. At present, these enterprises need to reduce the impact of "workers" on production if they want to resume operations as soon as possible. Therefore, automation equipment that can do less or even unmanned processing will receive more attention. In recent years, our machine tool companies have been developing in the direction of intelligence and automation. This year may be the time to bear fruit.
4. Matching machine tools for producing medical equipment
    The supporting production machine tools for medical equipment will also receive more attention in 2020. Taking the machine tool business network platform data for example, the number of consultations on medical protective equipment such as masks has skyrocketed in recent stages. The search for medical machinery is also heating up. In addition, some medical equipment, such as temperature imagers and oxygen generators, have also received a lot of attention in the near future. The typical numerical control infrared human body temperature measurement equipment in Central China shines in this epidemic prevention work.
    It is foreseeable that the demand for medical protection, inspection, and monitoring equipment will drive the production and sales of related machine tools. If you are a machine tool manufacturer, do you know where to go next?
5. Machine tools for military industry
   There is a sentence in the TV series "It's All Good" that makes me remember: machine tools are strong, industry is strong, and industry is strong. As an industrial machine, machine tools are the top priority in core technology competition. In the past many years, for various reasons, domestic machine tools, especially private enterprises, have been able to enter the military industry. But now, with the improvement of technology, many companies have begun to get tickets for this field. In addition to the current special international environment, the country needs to hold this part of technology in its own hands, which will also bring more opportunities for our related machine tool companies.
6. Machine tools sold online
   In 2020, there will be more markets for machine tools sold by On-line. Now the offline sales model is blocked, and online sales have become mainstream. If you can occupy the online sales channel at this time, you will have one more sales market than others. In addition, the online sales model has obvious advantages over the offline model.
    First, the online mode has various forms and high exposure. Both search engine rankings and advertisements and videos can be used for richer display. Second, the price is low and the price is high. Compared with the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of advertising investment offline, online is much more cost-effective. Third, getting information is simple and more popular with buyers. Now equipment buyers often get a preliminary understanding of products online before purchasing.
   In summary, Zhehong wanted to say that in recent years, the machine tool industry seems to have been facing various setbacks and challenges, and there seems to be no smooth sailing. However, as a country's important industry, machine tools will never disappear. So everyone must have confidence, patience and perseverance in our machine tool industry! Zhehong has the responsibility, the obligation, and the local belief that the made and tested China will become more powerful.

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