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Warmly celebrate Shanghai Zhehong's first official resumption of work on February 22

Warmly celebrate Shanghai Zhehong's first official resumption of work on February 22

Shanghai Zhehong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of CNC power distribution products. Since the outbreak, all employees of the company have strictly complied with the government's requirements, and self-prevented and responded to the situation at home. According to the strong instructions issued by the company's chairman, Shanghai Zhehong set up a six-person epidemic prevention and control leading group headed by the general manager, formulated the company's emergency prevention and control plan, and, while doing its prevention and control work, raised epidemic prevention supplies for Be prepared to return to work. Due to the adequate preparation of the epidemic prevention plan, Shanghai Zhehong Company was approved to return to work on February 22, 2020.

Most of the employees of Shanghai Zhehong Company are from overseas, but the employee attendance rate on the day of return to work is 90%. Up to now, the resumption of production capacity has reached 95%, and all employees are healthy, fully recovering domestic and foreign customers' supplies and services, and playing a positive role in restoring the entire industry's supply chain.

While the “epidemic” of the resumption of labor was successful in the first stage, the company summed up its experience and lessons in time to strive for a smooth and comprehensive increase in production capacity in the next stage. Its profound experience:
(1) Strategically attach importance to prevention and control. Firm confidence, employee confidence in the country and the company is the foundation for successful epidemic prevention and resumption.
(2) Have sufficient reserves of anti-epidemic materials tactically. Only when employees see that the company can provide them with the necessary protective materials such as masks and disinfection articles, can they rest assured that they can fight the epidemic with the company, promote work and stabilize production.
(3) Adhere to the "customer first" value and ensure that its position in the global supply chain remains unchanged. This pursuit has been practiced and consolidated in this epidemic prevention war.
On the first day of resumption of work, the company delivered to customers in Shanghai and around Shanghai the goods they needed urgently to ensure the continuous supply of production. At the same time, arrangements are made for expedited production and delivery of orders from key state-owned enterprises, central enterprise customers and foreign customers to meet customers' urgent needs.
时 At the beginning of the outbreak in China, the company's Japanese suppliers supported some masks to help us resume work. At present, Japan is also experiencing a new crown epidemic situation and a shortage of masks. We have taken out part of the inventory of masks and provided urgent delivery to Japanese partners to help them fight the epidemic and stabilize production when the epidemic prevention supplies were not sufficient. "Big love is boundless, and we can overcome the difficulties" should not be empty words. Shanghai Zhehong actively uses his own actions to actively implement the concept of "community of human destiny" advocated by General Secretary Xi Jinping.
Shanghai Zhehong Company firmly believes that, under the strong leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party Central Committee, we will surely win the final victory against the new crown pneumonia epidemic with the people of the country!

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