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Installation Precautions Of FANUC NC Electrical Cabinet
The control system of the FANUC CNC electrical cabinet includes the FANUC system host, pulse power, drive power, machine tools and specially designed digital control hardware cards. It is equipped with a FANUC host. The hardware card has interface circuits, frequency conversion and high-frequency control switches. Fewer components, fewer connectors and higher reliability. And it has intelligent automatic multiple processing and parameter editing functions. It can arbitrarily modify the generated parameters and automatically realize rough-medium-fine processing to achieve the effect.
FANUC CNC electrical cabinet installation precautions:
(1) The end of the wire should be cleaned, the wireless core is exposed, and the bare copper wire should not exceed 2mm. Generally, U-shaped inserts and green terminals should be treated. The end of the wire should be covered with the specified wire number.
(2) It is advisable that the crimping of the wire on the terminal should not be pulled by hand.
(3) The direction of the wire should be smooth and orderly, and the weight must not be squeezed and squeezed, and the order is disordered. Lines should be tied with black nylon cable ties so as not to deform the wire sheath. After the wiring on the device side is completed, the cable tie should be used for tidy and beautiful appearance.
(4) When the inverter is connected to the main circuit, the L1, L2, and L3 jacks on the inverter module panel are connected to three-phase power. The three-phase power cables should be wired separately. The three motor jacks should be connected in the order of U, V, and W. Terminal posts to three-phase geared motors. Do not connect the wrong power supply, otherwise the inverter will be damaged. The grounding jack of the inverter must be reliably connected to the protective ground wire.
(5) The A, B, and Z phase output wires of the rotary encoder are connected to the specified position of the terminal, and the power input is DC + 24V.
(6) Buttons, tri-color lights and other modules are connected in accordance with the provisions of the terminal interface.
(7) When wiring the FANUC servo motor driver, R and S are connected to the 220v power supply at the output of the transformer, and U, V, and W are connected to the power supply of the servo motor. The ground terminal must be reliably connected to the protective ground wire. The signal output terminal of the servo drive 2B should be connected to the double input terminal of the servo motor. Specific wiring should refer to the servo manual. Pay attention to the connection of the servo drive enable signal line.

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