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Original TOSOKU Pulse MPG Hand wheel

Basic parameters: Axis selection: X, Y, Z, 4, 5 Zoom in: X1, X10, X100 Work indicator: LED work indicator Pulse: 25PPR and 100PPR optional Spring wire: 4 meters 5 meters (5 meters optional default) Optional buttons: Start button, emergency stop switch optional Power supply: voltage DC5V or DC5-12V, DC12V, DC24V Interface: multiple output types Installation method: hanging board installation or with machine tool magnetic stick. The new style of MINI, easy to move, and strong anti-interference ability. Oil-proof seal design, all plastic shell, high insulation strength. Humanized design, with three speeds, can achieve six-axis switching. Product application: Used in CNC machine tools, engraving machines, engraving and milling machines, printing machines and other CNC equipment. For the preparation method of X1 X10 X100 third gear ratio, and Q file can be freely switched. With power indicator, (DC5V-24V LED) Supporting systems: FANUC, Siemens, Mitsubishi, New Generation, FAGOR, HEIDENHAIN, LNC, GSK, KND, etc.

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