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24V Relay Integrated Module

Features of 24V Relay Integrated Module Modular design, small size, save space and greatly improve wiring efficiency. Each channel is equipped with LED action display to make the action clear. The relay is equipped with a pluggable base, making it easier to replace the relay It is easy to install and can be quickly snapped onto the standard 35mmU-shaped guide rail. Using IDEC RJ series relays and DECA terminals of Japan Izumi Electric, manufactured with precision, the quality is stable and reliable. It is to integrate and serialize the single low-power relays in the electrical control cabinet, reducing the intermediate wiring links and improving the performance of the product. The 24V relay integrated module conforms to the trend of miniaturization and integration, and is a replacement product of the original single relay. The products can be designed according to different numerical control systems and can better meet the needs of modern numerical control machine tools.

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